Who we work with

Inflection Point and La Française Group recognise the importance of working alongside other investors to seek solutions to social, environmental and economic challenges.

Many of today’s social and environmental challenges are systemic in nature; they cannot be addressed by governments, companies or investors acting in isolation. While climate change is the most prominent, other challenges, such as income inequality, marine pollution, corporate tax avoidance and cybercrime demand co-operative solutions.

Inflection Point is a signatory to or member of the following initiatives or is representing La Française Group, respectively:

• UN PRI - Principles for Responsible Investment
• UNEP FI  - United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative
• UNEP FI: Investment Committee member
• UNEP FI: PDC - The Portfolio Decarbonisation Coalition
• UNEP FI: EEFIG - Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group: Statement of Support
• IIGCC - The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change