5 December 2014

A wake-up call to climate-aware investors

Paris: IPCM Chief Executive Matthew Kiernan and Laurent Jacquier-Laforge, the Chief Investment Officer of sister company La Francaise Inflection Point (LFIP), made a joint presentation to the annual colloquium organized by leading French NGO Novethic. The theme of their presentation was the urgent need for climate-aware investors to look for more positive and compelling alternatives to both divestment and passive, “low carbon” indexes. They foreshadowed the launch by IPCM/LFIP in Q1 2015 of an active strategy designed to achieve four objectives simultaneously:


  • Out-perform both traditional and low-carbon passive indexes
  • Create a positive “climate dividend” by seeking out and investing in emerging solution providers
  • Remaining actively engaged with portfolio companies
  • Demonstrating not merely fiduciary responsibility, but fiduciary leadership

The presentation was extremely well received by an audience of leading European asset owners, including FRR, ERAPF, CDC, and Sweden’s AP4.

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