4 June 2014

Kiernan urges Strategically Aware Investing at RI Europe 2014 conference

4-5 June 2014: Speaking in a plenary session at the Responsible Investor Europe 2014 conference in London, IPCM Chief Executive Dr Matthew Kiernan threw out 3 major challenges to the audience:

1. To restore the investment “food chain” to the configuration which it should have had all along: with the asset owners at the top, and the service providers — well, providing services to them.

2. For the trustees and senior executives working for those asset owners to have the courage to innovate and experiment with new approaches, despite the sometimes overwhelming pressures to follow the crowd.

3. For asset owners to practice more “strategically aware investing” — investing with systematic attention to the emerging risk and return drivers which, almost by definition, cannot be detected by focusing on historical track records and proof statements.

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