31 March 2016

Climate Risk White Paper

The debate on whether climate change will impact the environment is now settled, reflected in the unanimity at COP21 around the science of climate change. In this environment companies are already subject to increasing pressure to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Companies urgently need to adapt to the physical consequences of climate change, for instance, water availability — drought or floods — or severe storms that can impair the ability of production sites and threaten supply chains.

IPCM's Climate Risk White Paper examines the options that investors have to respond. We believe that investors need to select and allocate capital to those companies that are playing ahead of the curve, anticipating the changes in order not to be constrained when regulation is in place, and able to benefit from the opportunities emerging from such an industrial restructuring.

To download our Climate Risk White Paper please go to our Thought Leadership Section.

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