2 October 2015

Climate Change Momentum Builds

On the evening of 7 September 2015, some 25 pension funds, endowments, and policy-makers from Europe, Africa, Australia and the United States gathered at the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) in London for the 8th IPCM dinner in the global Climate Investor series. The discussion, opened by Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change Chair Donald McDonald, is part of global, 12 month series of rolling discussions held in Davos, Tokyo, Oslo, Stockholm that started in September 2014 which has gathered more than 130 investors and policy-makers in a global conversation ahead of UNFCCC CoP21.

Our first report crystallises the collective insights of attendees. One clear view is that asset owners have to change from being “sleeping partners” to actual owners and wise investors that assert their actual rights when we hold a stock. Investment needs a new generation of leaders who understand the change and opportunity that climate change is bringing. The idea that the true owners of capital are the fiduciaries needs to come to the fore.

Our report can be found at: http://inflectionpointcm.com/cir1.html

IPCM has also been happy to support a letter from the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change to company CEOs focused on trade association lobbying against climate and energy policy reforms.

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